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Spring has finally peeked out from behing the clouds...

Monday morning and we awoke to blue skies and sunshine...apparently this is the way it is supposed to be!!!
It got to 13 degrees outside today...extremely warm given the last few days we have had.

We had a slow, lazy morning and then headed off to look at some antiques in Coombs, had lunch while we watched the goats on the grass roof of the market, and then off to Cathedral Grove.



Cathedral Grove is an old growth forest area of Cedar trees and Fir trees in the middle of the island. It truly is a spectacular area...unfortunately one side of the grove was hit by high winds after an area adjacent to the park gave permission to a NZ company to log trees, which created a wind tunnel and destroyed a large area of the Grove. One side of the road is spectacular and the other is enough to make you cry!!!

From this...






To this...



So sad...and there is no money in the budget to fix it!!!

Tomorrow Emma has to say a tearful goodbye as we head to Vancouver very early in the morning and then travel up to Whistler for a couple of days. Emma and Katie have become so close it is going to be very difficult for her to say goodbye...but they are already planning a trip to Disneyland! (I think I will tag along!)


It is wonderful that Emma has had such a good time...we are very lucky to have such wonderful friends!!!

Next stop for the woodsies is Whistler...Whoo Hoo!!

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Disco Party and a Weiner Roast...

Saturday night was party night!
Audrey had arranged a surprise birthday party for a friend...a disco theme!

Emma, Katie and Laura

These are NOT all our empties...I promise!!

Ashley. Laurie, John and Steve

It was loads of fun and a great chance for us to get together with some of the family that we haven't caught up with yet.

Sunday arrived with blue sky and a little sunshine...beautiful!!
We started with a slightly slower pace after the night before and then prepared for a lunchtime bonfire in the fire pit to roast weiners (sausages/hotdogs) in the fire and of course the obligatory marshmallows.
Friends arrived to share in the fun and a lot of fun it was.


We then topped off the day in front of the big screen tv watching the Vancouver Canucks win their 3rd game in a row. Of course we needed more food and had Buffalo Chicken Wings and Pizza for dinner...I think tomorrow we need to go for an extra walk!

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Victoria...PART 2

We awoke to a very cold morning and rain falling down! :(
We had a beautiful breakfast in the Dining room at the hotel and planned our day ahead.
A little shopping was the first thing on the agenda, which is always fun...then a walk in the chilly air around the foreshore to get to the Horse Drawn Carriages for a one hour tour of Victoria...great fun!!!
After our ride the weather was FREEZING...it was about 4degrees, so we decided to have a late lunch/early dinner at the Spaghetti Factory to warm ouselves up...and it was delightful!

After that we decided to tackle the hour and a half drive home in the rain.
Unfortunately we didn't make it all the way home with 2 vehicles in tact!!
Coming up to 4 way intersection we had a green light and Katie and Emma were following us...as we approached an ambulance pulled up to the red light on our right and put on their lights and siren and began to move forward into our lane...we braked...so did Katie...we stopped...Katie slid and did not stop...CRASH!!
The ambulance, who caused the accident checked that all were ok and then immediately left the scene very quietly and quickly before we could get any details or licence plate...we then had to fix cars so they could drive and manage to get home to try and find out who they were and who will have to cover the damage to both cars!!!
Fortunately everyone was ok and cars can be fixed!!!
A sad end to a magic time in Victoria.

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Victoria...PART ONE

We awoke this morning to blue skies and 2degrees!!! There had been snow on outlying areas of Victoria and Vancouver...it is supposed to be Spring!! Hahaha.
We had a lazy morning and headed towards Victoria for today and tomorrow. We stopped for lunch at The Malahat Mountain Inn and it was soo yummy...and in the most spectacular location...it is only shame the clouds moved in to make the view disappear!
We then continued on towards Victoria and headed to our accomodation...The Union Club...which was amazing! It was a Gentleman's Club until the 1980's and is a beautifully decked out hotel with lovely leather chairs for reading, full sized billiard tables and a lovely restaurant and a great old fashioned lift. We booked a room for 3...with an extra single bed in the double room for Em and arrived to find that we had been upgraded to the "best" room in the house...The Harbour Suite!!! Delightful.
A gentleman is in the house!

Emma's room
Our room
The breakfast room
The billiard room...of course!
We went for a long walk and headed to the Royal Victoria Museum and spent almost 2 hours wandering around amazing exhibits.
We then parted company with the girls who headed off out to dinner with a friend of Katie's and we headed to the Empress Hotel for cocktails...as you do when you are on holidays!
Mmmmm cocktails...
We then got advice from the concierge as to where to go for dinner and after a wander through the streets to check out the menus we decided on Italian...Il Terrizzio...YUM...an outstanding meal and amazing Italian red wine...mmmmm.

We then decided we needed to go for a walk in the very fresh chilly air to walk off dinner before heading to our apartment for the night.

Tomorrow is another day.

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Feeling better after some sleep...

After a yummy dinner with old friends we headed to bed fairly early and slept very soundly...well I did anyway...Rob decided to get up at 4.30am to go with Steve to work...he is a driver of a pilot vehicle for heavy machinery and he was heading up the island for the morning...so of course Rob went too...and I slept!

After a lazy morning for me the boys arrived home in time for lunch and then we went for a walk through Audrey and Steve's property...they have 5 acres in Nanaimo. We saw some amazing things on the way...

Before our walk...
Outside Audrey and Steve's house...
Woodpecker holes in a dead tree...
A slug AND it is only a small one...
Easter Lily on the track

After lunch we went to visit Audrey's Mum...

The evening was a splitting of company...it was a big night in BC...the Vancouver Canucks Hockey Team were in the first game of the season playoffs and the two boys went out to the firestation where Steve is the firechief to watch the game...the two younger members of the household went out to a music trivia night and the two older girls watched it at home in the warmth!!
Canucks won...it is only best of seven games for round one!!!

Tomorrow sees us head off to Victoria to stay the night and see what we can see.

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