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Now to ferry the rest of the way......

Emma arrived on schedule without any problems at all...which was a big relief AND all our luggage arrived with us!
We then headed straight to the ferry to head over to Vancouver Island...another two and a half hours of travel...we were all beginning to wilt...

We got a great taxi driver who took us the scenic route to the ferry on our request as we had a little time to kill and gave us lots of info on Vancouver on the way...basic wages in Vancouver are sooo low...the lowest in all of Canada...$10.50 /hour plus tips (if possible)

We had a pleasant ferry ride and arrived at the island about 5pm...VERY WEARY!!!

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The Journey Begins...

Once again we headed off towards Sydney town on the midnight red-eye. A very full plane with no room to move for any of us. After a bus transfer to the International Terminal...it really began to set in that we were on our way!!!


A few hours to kill in Sydney and then we had to split up with Emma for the long haul flight to Vancouver. Our flight was once again a completely full plane and we also had 2 stressed babies on board who definitely didn't like flying...it was a l o n g 14 hour flight...next time we will definitely do a Hawaii stopover.

We arrived at 8am Vancouver time after being on the go for 22 hours and then had another 5 hours to wait for Emma's flight to arrive as she had to go via LA. We decided to get onto the timezone as much as possible and didn't hide somewhere to snooze but caught the Skybus down to the waterfront for a much needed walk around in the very chilly fresh air.

We had our first view of Vancouver and being surrounded by snow capped mountains...just magic!!

Back at the airport now ready to meet up with Emma and head off to catch the ferry over to Vancouver Island and some much needed sleep.

Ahhhhhhhh...night, night all.

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Departure Looming

Departure day is coming very fast! 3 weeks today and still loads of things to do!!
We leave Perth on the midnight horror to Sydney then we part company with Emma for a day and meet up again in Vancouver.
We go direct, but she ventures there via LA airport...hope she makes it there!!

Now...lets get ready to have some fun!!

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